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Providing the vital services outside your core business activities to secure your future business success.

We provide vital services and products to businesses looking to secure their future success but lack the critical resources to execute their vision.

Forward thinking businesses, invest in business management specialists like Technacom to work alongside them to help them develop, manage, and deliver…

  • business strategy
  • bids and tenders
  • business intelligence
  • information security
  • procurement management
  • compliance and governance

We will save you precious time and the stress of implementation while delivering sustainable advantages for your business today and tomorrow.


  • Provide critical services & resources outside your area of expertise
  • Give you access to experts in their field
  • Save you time
  • Save you the stress of implementation
  • Deliver sustainable advantages for your business
  • Future-proof your business

What We Do

Future Proofing Businesses: Research – Plan – Transform

Business Planning

Market Research

Business Support

R&D Tax Credits

SmART Explorer

Protecting Businesses: Discover – Assure – Secure

Cybersecurity Planning

Supplier Security Assurance

Cybersecurity Certification

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Cybersecurity Testing

Why People Work with Us

It can be challenging for small to medium businesses to manage every aspect of their business themselves. So we help when they…

  • lack time
  • lack infrastructure or resources
  • unable to employ the same specialist expertise as larger companies
  • lack direction or planning
  • are unable to capitalise on business change
  • are at risk of not keeping abreast of legislation

 Often due to lack of time, infrastructure, or an ability to employ the same specialist expertise as larger companies, smaller businesses and organisations can find themselves operating without direction and at the mercy of external forces, unable to fully capitalise on business change and at risk of not keeping abreast of legislation.

Future proofing your business by establishing direction and competence, embedding compliance, and creating sustainable advantage can seem daunting when you have a business to manage but this is what we excel at.

We are also able to provide these services on a temporary (contractual basis) for larger organisations where these skillsets are required on a temporary or transitionary basis. Whether you are just starting out, enjoying your first flush of success, growing fast, well established or looking to exit well, you will need to navigate the external business environment as well as managing changes within your own business.

Too often, what is required to do this successfully (to achieve the best outcome for your business) sits outside the day job (your core business activities). You are good at what you do and what you do you do well. However, smart businesses recognise that there is a whole other layer of activity which needs to happen to enable your business to successfully move forward. To keep in tune with the demands of the external business environment and to successfully implement the changes within to make the best of the opportunities that come your way or satisfy your own business ambitions.

Being good at what you do means that you often don’t have the time, expertise, infrastructure, money, insight, planning, motivation, awareness or focus to enable you to successfully manage your business direction.

Smart businesses, invest a little with business management specialists like Technacom to work alongside them to help them develop, manage, and deliver…

  • business strategy
  • business intelligence
  • procurement management
  • bids and tenders
  • information security
  • compliance and governance

Sometimes this will mean using our time and expertise to do these tasks or it might just require an experienced and critical independent eye to guide you as you tackle these things yourselves.

We want to help you achieve great things and we are here to help you put in the basic foundations to achieve great success!

As you navigate our website, looking at the things we have to offer small to medium sized enterprises, we have embedded some short and light-hearted quizzes to help you get to know your business better and identify where you might benefit from a little extra support.

How it Works

We make the process of future -proofing your business as easy as possible with a few simple steps…


We have an informal chat and get to know each other a little better while we discuss your business needs and how we can help.


We then have an official project brief, where we outline exactly what it is we’ll be working on and accomplishing together within your business.


We will then send you over a proposition with the costings for the work we’ll be doing as agreed in the brief.


Once the proposition is agreed, this is where the magic happens, and we start working together to achieve your goals and to future-proof your business.


We never leave your side. Even when the job is done, we’ll touch base with you to follow up on your progress, get feedback and offer further support.