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Our Values

Integrity  –  Authenticity  –  Aspiration  –  Focus  –  Tenacity  –  Philanthropy  –  Community

It Defines Us

At Technacom we aspire to place the following values at the heart of our business culture, our service delivery and our relationships with clients. It’s who we are and what we do.


We aim to put trust and integrity at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that without trust we are nothing. We define integrity as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. It is the ability to act with honesty and consistency in whatever it is we do which is entrenched in our moral values and beliefs.


We aim to be true to who we are, what we do and the clients we serve. We recognise that authenticity cultivates a culture of trust which underpins our ability to provide the best service and to generate the mutual creativity and synergy in our client relationships which enables us to deliver great service.


We believe in big vision and that aspiration is an important value to have for any business to achieve its vision.

We encourage our clients to aspire to greatness and to use techniques such as “brainstorming” and “outside the box thinking” to develop ambitious but deliverable strategies to set and achieve aspirational goals and objectives.


We recognise the importance of being focused on what really matters in business. Our approach to great client service is underpinned by helping our clients identify core competencies and the few changes they could make to their business management, model or procedures which will be most impactful. This enables us to provide great value for money in our service delivery.


We recognise that business success requires tenacity and that it’s critical to great business leadership. We encourage our clients to develop an ‘opportunist’ mindset – to build in business resilience, to stay focused on the customer, identify and promote their advantage as well as strengthening business stability.


We are always looking for ways in which our business can make a difference by donating our time, resources and expertise to charitable organisations and endeavours.


We believe in the power of velocity achieved from investing in the local community – buying local, supporting local initiatives and promoting synergy and collaboration among local business communities.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do.


Our Definition of Success

‘A business with competitive advantage, strongly customer focused, clear ambitions for the future, underpinned by the hallmarks of business stability and business resilience’